Councils committed to zero carbon

A total of 58 councils have joined UK100, a network of local authority leaders committed to tackling climate change. Collectively, they represent 23.5 million people – around 35 per cent of the UK’s population and 28 per cent of England’s land area.

UK100 said more than 100 local authorities have pledged to run on 100 per cent clean energy by 2050, while the most ambitious are aiming to go “further and faster than the government” on net-zero. The network is lobbying for more powers and resources from government to enable it to take ambitious climate action and for the country to meet its legally bound target.

“The task will need bold leadership, legislative clarity, shifts in culture and behaviours, willingness to make mistakes and an enthusiastic adoption of new technologies,” said UK100’s Christopher Hammond. 

3 June 2021

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