Report shows most selfbuilders have a green agenda

One in two people who build their own home include a sustainable heat source, while over half choose an energy efficient modern method of construction such as timber frame or SIPs.

These are two key findings of the Custom and Self Build Market Report, a comprehensive assessment of the state of the sector published by the National Custom and Self Build Association (NaCSBA).

Most respondents to the survey said they chose the self-build route because it offered greater choice. Nearly all (94 per cent) said they would not buy a speculatively built new home. Unsurprisingly, the biggest barrier for the sector remained a national plot shortage, despite Right to Build legislation and the National Planning Policy Framework’s requirement for Local Plans to bring forward at least 10 per cent of their housing requirement on small sites (Par. 69).

Getting planning permission was cited as the second biggest barrier to growth.

The 100-page report adds further insight data and analysis of the sector to support the findings of the 2021 Independent Review into Scaling up Self-build and Custom Housebuilding by MP Richard Bacon.

Speaking at the House of Commons reception to launch the report, Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, said, “If we move all of the incentives in the right way; if you have a plan-led system that is responsive to the need to ensure that there are smaller plots, which are suitable and made available for custom and selfbuilders; if we look at how we can support those with the initiative and the wherewithal to back modern methods of construction; if we have building societies, like Ecology, that are explicitly prepared to lend to individuals, who are making sure that homes are in keeping, not just with high aesthetics, but also high environmental standards; if we create circumstances in every part of the landscape that incentivise self- and custom-build, then we can transform the housing market, and transform it for good.”  The report was sponsored by Ecology Building Society, Dan-Wood House, Graven Hill, Richard Coles Building and Tetlow King Planning.

Copies can be purchased from NaCSBA for £295 from

17 May 2022